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 Feb 25th 1 Apr 27th 2242
[OT] Flash & EEPROM  Dec 12th 1
[OT] Flash & EEPROM (was: 16C84 vs 16F84)  Dec 10th 1
[OT] need info about PC LPT port  Oct 21th 1
[OT] PC Power supply  Dec 22th 1
[OT] PTM Acronym  Sep 19th 1
[OT] Re: Correct LIST?  Sep 4th 1
[OT] SMT soldering  Sep 8th 1, 71
[OT] Weight Sensors  Dec 12th 1
[OT}balanced line  Nov 7th 1
12C508 too fast?  Jan 30th 1
12C508/509 ICP source  Feb 23th 1
14 bits and only 3FFF  Dec 23th 1
16C556 Availability  Mar 17th 1
16c622 question  Jul 21th 1
16C71 Slight $increase  Jul 10th 1
16C74 Code Error. Help Needed!  Jan 14th 1
16C84 @ 11.0592MHz  Mar 25th 1 26th 23
16C84 as I2C Slave  Mar 26th 1
16C84/04 with Async. Serial TX/RT  Jul 2nd 1
20 MHz Ceramic Resonators  Mar 26th 1
3 (or4) serial ports  May 26th 1
6502 Assembler  Feb 23th 1
7 Day event timer.  Dec 3rd 1
8-pin PIC wi5th EEPROM?  Feb 3rd 1
a lot [OT] , Dutch humor  Dec 14th 1
Accelerometers (Cheap ones)  Sep 22th 1
Advanced Transdata ICE systems.  Apr 17th 1, 28
advertising only ?  Dec 9th 1
An Interesting but Unscientific Test (was Re: Ligh  Jan 7th 1
Anolog Shift Register[OT]  Dec 14th 1
australian telephone system caller id application  Dec 18th 1
AW: Driving a speaker directly with a PIC  Apr 9th 1
Bandwidth considerations for PIC list  Nov 18th 1
Basic Compiler  Sep 21th 1
Batteries [OT]  Nov 23th 1
Battery Isolators (Totally Unrelated to PIC)  Feb 7th 1 10th 121
BCD Thumbweels  Aug 20th 1
BCD Thumbwheels  Aug 20th 1
beginner + is Parallax worse than Microchip  Nov 2nd 1
Cannot get onto DONTRONICS WEB Page.  Jan 14th 1
CCS Compiler & humour  Jan 15th 1
Cheap Accelerometers  Sep 24th 1
Clock timing  Mar 10th 1
Converting the piclist to a newsgroup.  Jan 7th 1
Cycle computer  Nov 25th 1
Digital Cameras  Jul 28th 1
Digital cameras  Jul 29th 1
Do I need a Scope for PIC Projects?  Dec 4th 1
Downloadable Microcontrollers  Nov 4th 1
duplicate advert  Jan 13th 1
easy pic'n  Aug 6th 1
Encoder Thanks  Feb 7th 1
Encoder's (again?)  Feb 6th 1 7th 50
Entry level doc needed  Sep 20th 1
Erasing 16c73A's after code protect ?  Mar 13th 1
esd protection  Dec 15th 1, 9, 13
FAQ  Nov 17th 1
Fiber Optic Mux/Demux  Mar 20th 1
Floppy Drives and pics  Aug 5th 1
gps (sour grapes)  Jan 23th 1 24th 38, 39, 43, 44
Great source for 16F84s/and other PICs  Nov 21th 1
Help for PIC beginners!  May 22th 1
Help on comms and IRQ's please  Feb 28th 1
Help Please  Feb 11th 1
Help Sourceing data (Sort of PIC related)  Jul 22th 1
help with I2C and Picbasic  Dec 14th 1
help:Emulator versus circuit board  Feb 25th 1
High freq. external clock for RC or XT type  Mar 6th 1
high res adc or similar  Mar 7th 1, 25, 27 8th 42
HiTech PIC-C Compiler  Dec 10th 1
How to scroll an LCD ?  Sep 22th 1
I2C AD  Nov 23th 1
I2C LCD question [OT]  Dec 6th 1
I2C peripherals?  Mar 25th 1
In-circuit PIC16C73A programming - Must remove cry  Feb 9th 1
initializing a 2x8 lcd  Mar 4th 1
Interfacing an LM34 temp sensor w/ PIC (noise conc  Jan 23th 1
Intermittent Problems  Apr 5th 1
IR Field strength meter  Mar 22th 1
ISA bus IRQ interface  Sep 28th 1, 4
ITU Warp 3 Programmer: Do you like it?  Feb 4th 1
Japanese components replacement  Jan 20th 1
LCD and clock  Feb 14th 1
LED DIMMER  Aug 7th 1
LED matrix & Multiplexing ?  Mar 17th 1
Light Bulbs as Ballasts (was Re: Thnx for the Ni-c  Jan 5th 1
LM16255 Display Question  Nov 9th 1
Looking for Display Help  Jul 23th 1
Low power RS-232 line drivers/receivers  Oct 21th 1
Low-pass filter for TV.  Jan 15th 1
mchp and esd?  Dec 9th 1
Measuring frequency of sine wave  Jan 7th 1
MEL Picbasic serial I/O ?  Dec 6th 1
Message not deliverable  Jul 25th 1
Microchip Position Available - OT  Nov 2nd 1
MIDI from PIC devices  Dec 8th 1
MPLAB with HP Palmtop windows CE  Aug 1st 1 2nd 32
Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays  Sep 16th 1 18th 170
Myke Manners and PICLIST Etiquette  Sep 4th 1
Nailing this down (Was 12C508 trouble)  Feb 1st 1
Need help with the 16c74 usart  Mar 4th 1
networked MPLAB ?  Jan 23th 1
newbie  Oct 8th 1
Newbie: Where to start?  May 29th 1
---no subject---  Apr 14th 1
Noise on PIC16C74 port pin  Jan 15th 1, 32
off topic  Jan 5th 1 23th 787
Off topic: a question about Ni-cads  Jan 3rd 1
Off Topic: Request for TEA1100 PDF datasheet  Jul 23th 1
On a lighter note...  Jul 19th 1
Open drain  Apr 16th 1
Oscillator problem on 12C50X series, OTP & JW  Feb 4th 1
OT ic help  Oct 19th 1 20th 69
pcb construction help wanted  Jan 15th 1
PCB Production  May 1st 1
Pic > Centronics printer interface  Apr 10th 1 11th 48
PIC as controller for sinewave inverter - magic si  Feb 9th 1
PIC Book  Mar 13th 1 19th 286
PIC C compilers  Jan 9th 1
PIC course  Jan 9th 1
PIC Employment Opportunity  Feb 14th 1
PIC ICE Question  Oct 6th 1
PIC network  Jan 27th 1
PIC on ethernet  May 19th 1
PIC project - electronic speed controller.  Dec 30th 1
PIC12C508 I/O problem with GP2 !!  Jan 10th 1
PIC16C84  Jul 24th 1 25th 17
PIC16F84 COM84 programming again...  Mar 5th 1
pic54  Feb 3rd 1
Piclist and WWW - Don't worry not another newgroup  Jan 17th 1
PicNPlay  Dec 9th 1
PICO oscilloscope [OT]  Nov 23th 1
PICSTART Plus and 93LC46  Oct 13th 1
PID Software. (in C)  Sep 11th 1
PID Temperature Controller for SMD reflow oven  Sep 4th 1
PORTA Question!  Feb 27th 1
pot on the lcd?  Jan 29th 1
Power Off PIC Happenings  Feb 20th 1
preaching  Oct 16th 1
Programming 12C50X series  Jan 23th 1
Programming SMT parts  May 6th 1
Protected Bit in 16C74/JW  May 2nd 1
Protel to .GIF or .JPG or .PDF ?  Feb 1st 1 4th 105
pwm & control loops  Jan 24th 1, 2
random number generator  Sep 4th 1
RC Servo PWM format  Jul 31th 1
Re[2]: 12C508 too fast?  Jan 31th 1
Re[2]: HD44780 LCD and 4-bit mode using 16F84  Dec 10th 1, 2
Re[2]: Oscillator problem on 12C50X series, OTP &  Feb 11th 1
Reed relays  Mar 4th 1
repyling/quoting with netscape 3  May 5th 1
Revenge - Now on web site.  Jan 13th 1
RTCC??  Jan 27th 1
Samsung lcd  Aug 27th 1
Sending Binary Attachments to the PICLIST (was: "R  Mar 31th 1, 6
Serial Midi Spec. problem.  Nov 20th 1
Serial Sonar Unit (SSU)  Nov 24th 1
Serial Sonar Unit (SSU) - Noise performance  Dec 1st 1 3rd 106
Servo Code Not Working  Dec 22th 1, 3
Servo Laser Control  Dec 18th 1
Slightly Offtopic, but PIC related.  Aug 22th 1
smartcard?  Jan 30th 1
SMD soldering [Not-so-OT]  Oct 22th 1 28th 396
SMD Soldering with a miniture blow torch?  Aug 14th 1
SMD Soldering witha miniture blow torch?  Aug 11th 1
Software work required  Mar 16th 1
source for stepper controllers?  Jan 9th 1
spedo type thing  Feb 23th 1
Spice Models  Mar 14th 1
Steppers  Aug 4th 1
Storage Question  Nov 13th 1
Subject: Re: Looking for Bob BLICK  Mar 12th 1 13th 47
Suggestions for AC chopper?  Mar 28th 1
Test Instrument interface specification.  Sep 26th 1
The Servo Code (Finaly)  Mar 12th 1
The Zero Status bit  Mar 18th 1
This blasted MPLAB software  Mar 12th 1
Thnx for the Ni-cad help  Jan 2nd 1 3rd 44
Thoughts on PDF? (A Bit Off Topic)  Jun 6th 1
Time & multitasking.  Feb 13th 1
Totally [OT] - A question for the Brits.  Oct 15th 1
Transistor circuit for programming  Jan 8th 1
tuff  May 22th 1
two wire coms  Oct 15th 1 16th 13
unsubscribe  Jul 31th 1 Nov 14th 5902
UP/DOWN counter using a PIC?  Nov 26th 1
Using a crystal  Mar 12th 1
Video character generators  Mar 18th 1
Viewing timing cycles  Sep 30th 1 Oct 1st 49
WARNING virus info (ad naseum)  Aug 8th 1
Zero Cross  Mar 27th 1

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