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"$"  Sep 11th 1
"Cracked" Software (Re: CAD electronic software)  Aug 27th 1
[OT] Sampling (was Oscilloscope Question  Dec 15th 1 19th 318
12C508 Internal Reset Question  Apr 21th 1
12C509 @ 9600  Sep 5th 1
16C73 Port A problems  Jul 31th 1
16C73A Musings  Feb 8th 1
16C73A Musingsa  Feb 7th 1
16C73A: SCI-problem RS232  Nov 18th 1
16c74 serial routine  Feb 19th 1
16c84 data EEPROM use  Jan 24th 1, 2
16c84 Programmer  Jun 11th 1
8bit Hexfile problems - HELP ME! - Urgent!!!!!!  Apr 24th 1
A little quirk in MPASM for 12C5xx  Nov 8th 1
A New Challenge -- WINNER!  Jan 8th 1
A path spam takes to the list  Dec 1st 1, 5
another LCD question  Apr 18th 1
Application controlled reset ???  Feb 17th 1
Atari 2600, video, and the PIC  Oct 27th 1
Be the First on your block...  Sep 30th 1
Blow up chip? continued...  Jan 29th 1
Book reference.  Nov 7th 1
Bulk Emailing  Jan 30th 1
Call for Companies and Master Mode on 73(A)s  Jan 27th 1
Canadian PICs  Feb 2nd 1 3rd 63
Carbon Monoxide Detector  Oct 30th 1
C-compilers for PIC  Jun 12th 1
Ceramic resonators on 16c74  Mar 16th 1
Challenge: Reverse 7 bits  Oct 30th 1
Character LCD question  Dec 22th 1
Code error  Feb 20th 1
Company Information  Feb 5th 1
dc flag  Aug 18th 1
Debounce question  Aug 6th 1
DIY Emulator  Aug 31th 1
Does Anybody have SPO256 Phoneme Addresses?  Oct 27th 1, 42
DOS-based PIC Emulator  Jan 29th 1
embedded control conference  Aug 14th 1
eprom programmer  Mar 27th 1
Erasing a 16C84  Feb 2nd 1, 20
Executing MPASM from a DOS Program  Jan 1st 1 6th 166
firmware upgrade  Mar 6th 1
free DOS simulator for 16C84 ?  Jun 4th 1
Help - 16C84 has 1K memory right?  Apr 2nd 1
Help:RS232-TTL <-> RS-232-C  Jan 1st 1
Here's a difficult one (re networking)  Oct 16th 1
Horrible Newbie Question - need to know everything  Jun 3rd 1 4th 56
How do I read the 12C509 int osc cal value with my  Oct 14th 1
IIC Master using 16C7x  Apr 8th 1
Interfacing DS1821 to PIC  Aug 12th 1
Interrupt conflit  Nov 25th 1
IR Programable Remote  Jan 6th 1
JW Erase Time  May 30th 1
LAST CALL - PIC and Related Suppliers - LAST CALL  Feb 5th 1
LED matrix & Multiplexing ?  Mar 16th 1
Macro label problem  Aug 14th 1
making sounds (with a pic and a speaker)  Oct 12th 1 14th 126
Math Divide Routines  Mar 12th 1
memory terminology  Nov 26th 1, 23
Message not deliverable  Jul 22th 1
Microchip Development Tools  Jul 8th 1, 6
Microchip sues Scenix and parallax  Nov 12th 1
Microchip's "Future Products"  Jul 29th 1
Microcontroller and Related Suppliers  Sep 30th 1
Migration problem: C84 to C54  Apr 24th 1
more scope questions  Dec 7th 1
MOSFET  Jul 22th 1
MPASM macro  Apr 9th 1
mplab  Sep 2nd 1
MPLAB-SIM Question  Feb 6th 1
MPSIM - How to?  Jan 15th 1, 23
MPSIM message  Jan 2nd 1
My Web Page and PICLite Language  Sep 15th 1
Myke Manners and PICLIST Etiquette  Sep 2nd 1
Mysterious Code Protect Bit Set  Apr 30th 1
Mysterious Timer0 dropout problem  Mar 11th 1
Need help with a little hardware RS232 inteface.  Mar 10th 1
networking over power lines...  Oct 18th 1
New ideas  Oct 28th 1
New ideas  Oct 28th 1
New PICs  Mar 27th 1
New PICs and Architectures  Aug 9th 1
newbie general question  Feb 22th 1
Newbie questions  Feb 5th 1
Newbie Questions  Sep 12th 1
optical rotary encoders with PICs : The final Word  Jan 24th 1, 2
OSP technology (was: Potting a PIC)  Dec 1st 1 4th 191 6th 271
Output of your job "myke"  Mar 11th 1
Parallax Stamp  Feb 9th 1
PC Cards; offtopic  Aug 31th 1
PC timing industry standards  Feb 26th 1
PCB & Schematic  Jul 22th 1
PCB assembly houses  May 16th 1
PCB Production - apcircuits..  May 5th 1 6th 44
PIC and Related Suppliers  Jan 24th 1
PIC assembly style guide  Sep 9th 1
Pic Delay Puzzle  Jan 3rd 1
PIC Development Tools  Oct 27th 1 28th 40
Pic eraser (Project?]  Nov 26th 1
PIC tips & tricks  May 16th 1
PIC16C84 eeprom data memory write...  Mar 6th 1
PICLIST: Time Out (was "PICLIST:should it be split  Nov 19th 1
PICLite 1.03a Available  Sep 25th 1
Piclite download problem  Sep 17th 1 18th 51
PICLite Version 1.01a - Jumping Errors  Sep 22th 1
PICLite Version 1.02a now available  Sep 24th 1
PICSTART Plus  Jul 24th 1
Pioneer remote control using PIC16f84  Aug 27th 1
Please stop replying to: Make Money !!  May 22th 1
Power Off PIC Happenings  Feb 20th 1, 44
Powertip LCD Display problem (HD44780 controller)  Feb 19th 1
Production Quality Programmer  May 7th 1
Programmer Idea  May 26th 1
Programming Questions..  May 16th 1
Programming SMT parts  May 5th 1
Protected Bit in 16C74/JW  Apr 24th 1
random values on RAM at startup  Mar 6th 1
Re[2]: Aghhh Code Protection Bit Problem .... (fwd  Feb 13th 1
Recommend Simulator  Feb 21th 1
RESONATORS  Feb 28th 1
Scenix chip  Aug 12th 1
Schematic capture and PCB layout software  Oct 20th 1 23th 220, 222 27th 514
serial comms  Jan 18th 1
Serial port IRQ clashes  Jan 20th 1
Servo Question!  Feb 2nd 1, 26
Some Code for Dallas DS1821  Sep 29th 1
SSU unit: Cheap Sonar, transmitter  Nov 17th 1
sublw opcode & blown up PIC  Nov 20th 1
Syntax of .HEX-file.  Feb 17th 1
test accumulator for zero  Jan 6th 1
THANKS ALL (Re: Protected Bit in 16C74/JW)  Apr 28th 1
The "bcw"/"bsw" Macros  Feb 24th 1
The "Perfect" PIC Language  Jan 10th 1
The mistery of "long calls".  Dec 14th 1
The PIC in Scotish Schools  Mar 5th 1
TMR0 interrupt (PIC16c84 and PWM)  May 15th 1, 18
Troubles wit '73A  Nov 12th 1
Typical MLCR connection?  Jan 27th 1
Upgrading the Picstart Plus--HELP!  Apr 11th 1 14th 53
UV erasable versions  Feb 28th 1
wire wrapping  Jun 12th 1

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