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"SOS:Info For Real Time OS on Microchip's 17c42a  Jul 30th 1, 14, 26
(best) C Compiler to learn on  Nov 4th 1
(not so) stupid newbie  Oct 9th 1
[!OT!] Goats [was: Re: Robot Lawnmowers][OT]  Nov 24th 1
[OT] Acronym  Sep 19th 1
[ot] BMP data  Oct 9th 1
[OT] Comm Port set ups  Nov 28th 1
12 bit A/D  Nov 11th 1
16c73a USART  Sep 5th 1
16C74 -> 16C77  Sep 23th 1, 18
16C74 multiple power and ground pins  Sep 5th 1
16c74A port D  Oct 10th 1
3 PIC questions:  Nov 26th 1
Amazing low-end products (Trivia sub-thread)  Oct 28th 1
Amazing low-end products (was Re: PIC Development  Oct 24th 1, 23 27th 121 28th 198
Averaging Algorithm Compilation  Oct 2nd 1
Averaging algorithm compilation. Get it yourself!  Oct 7th 1
Batteries again  Dec 8th 1
Battery self discharge....  Oct 15th 1
battery-operated pics...  Jul 29th 1
Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re:  Nov 18th 1
Bridge Amplifier/ADC  Apr 3rd 1
C-compilers for PIC  Jun 11th 1
Cheap Accelerometers  Sep 23th 1
Classic use of union.....  Mar 6th 1
CODE PROTECTION for Mr. PIC Average.  Apr 29th 1
Code protection revisited  May 27th 1, 9
Compiler efficiency  Jul 3rd 1
Copyright  Aug 5th 1
Correct LIST?  Sep 5th 1
Crystal Oscillator  Dec 5th 1
Downloadable Microcontrollers  Nov 6th 1
Easy pic'n  Mar 19th 1
example c-code, handeling interrupts  May 13th 1
frying a PIC  Aug 13th 1
Hello! [OT]  Oct 21th 1 22th 107
high res adc or similar  Mar 7th 1
Hobby vs Production Programmers (ON Topic!!)  Aug 28th 1
Implementation of 'CAN' interface Help ?  Oct 27th 1
Is there a problem ... [OT]  Oct 3rd 1
jw code protection  Jul 14th 1
Looking for RS232 library.  Oct 10th 1 14th 195
Mattel trivia and Atmel Seminar [OT]  Oct 30th 1, 17, 31 31th 77, 79
Maxim Site  Aug 22th 1
Message not deliverable  Jul 23th 1
MPASM and Picstart Plus Problems  Sep 12th 1, 3
mplab  Sep 2nd 1
MPLAB import still...  Oct 2nd 1
MPLAB include on network drive?  Dec 2nd 1
Need Full Text Patent Site--No PIC :>(  Jul 24th 1
Oscillator types: HS or XT?  Aug 22th 1
Parallel port interfacing trouble  Oct 7th 1
PIC 16C73 low-power(?) sleep mode  Jun 11th 1
PIC circuit running on penlight batteries  Dec 11th 1
PIC Development Tools  Oct 21th 1
PIC power supply ...  Sep 4th 1
PIC with mil specs  Oct 21th 1, 14
PIC14000  Aug 11th 1
PIC16C74A erasibility after Code Protection  Nov 19th 1, 2, 7 20th 56
PICSTART PLUS and Win 95  Nov 14th 1
PID Temperature Controller for SMD reflow oven  Sep 4th 1
plotting a pc board  Sep 22th 1
Previous messages.  Jul 14th 1
Promate command line interface  Jul 31th 1
Pseudo Random Number Generator [OT]  Oct 1st 1
REAL random noise [ot]  Sep 5th 1
Real Time Clock  Jul 29th 1 30th 48
Req:Hardware design Suggestions  Jul 29th 1
Schematic capture and PCB layout software  Oct 20th 1
Serial Sonar Unit (SSU)  Nov 13th 1
Spam (was What a wonderful day!!!)  Oct 20th 1
teperature problem with 54A  Jul 28th 1
Things I learned at the Microchip seminar  Jun 27th 1
Totally [OT] - A question for the Brits.  Oct 14th 1, 25
What's wrong with this macro?  Mar 6th 1, 8
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !  Aug 28th 1

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