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 Feb 25th 1
(no subject)  Feb 21th 1
8-pin PIC wi5th EEPROM?  Feb 3rd 1
A challenging PIC problem...  Jan 14th 1
A New Challenge  Jan 8th 1
Advice to first time posters  Apr 23th 1
AW: PIC Development Kit  Feb 25th 1
Beta Release of MPLAB v3.20  Mar 17th 1
Clock timing  Mar 10th 1
Code for MAX 186 serial A/D  Mar 5th 1
Converting the piclist to a newsgroup.  Jan 8th 1
Erasure of code protect bit  Apr 28th 1
FFT width PICs  Jan 28th 1
Fiber Optic Mux/Demux  Mar 24th 1
Flash version of 17C75x  Mar 5th 1
FPGA-PIC (was: Re: FPGA's)  Feb 26th 1
FW: Message not deliverable  Apr 7th 1
Ghost stack errors?  Jan 16th 1
high res adc or similar  Mar 7th 1
how to convert Floating pt to fixed?  Feb 12th 1
I/O port on PIC17C44  Feb 24th 1 26th 181
I2C on 16C74  Mar 12th 1, 8 14th 107
IDE (AT) cdrom and a pic chip.  Feb 19th 1
IIC Master using 16C7x  Apr 9th 1
Instruction encodings (was: Code error)  Feb 24th 1
IrDA on PC (was :Re: IrDA on PIC)  Apr 3rd 1
More Printer Port Questions (Not Directly PIC Rela  Apr 11th 1
MOVxx on the PIC17C44  Apr 21th 1
MPSIM no linger works!  Jan 9th 1
off topic  Jan 24th 1
Option 3: Getting off the list.  Mar 17th 1
Parallel port suggestions ?  Mar 3rd 1
PC joystick = adc gameport info  Jan 15th 1
PC Keyboard Details  Apr 21th 1
Pic > Centronics printer interface  Apr 11th 1
PIC UART/BRG brain damage (was Manual humor)  Jan 16th 1
Position control problem  Feb 27th 1
Power Off PIC Happenings  Feb 21th 1
Programming of 12C5xx  Feb 7th 1
Reading 61 kHz with 17C43  Apr 10th 1
Reprogramming non windowed devices  Jan 7th 1
RTOS  Mar 14th 1
scr power supply...  Feb 19th 1
SPI RAM?  Apr 2nd 1
SPI RAMs  Mar 24th 1, 10
Table Read/Write feature of 17C5xx  Mar 4th 1
Those damned Windoze lusers  Mar 25th 1
TMR2  Jan 27th 1
Two puzzles for you, All ( Probably useful trick  Mar 25th 1
Variable pulse generation  Apr 17th 1
Why do I get: 'Message not deliverable'?  Mar 3rd 1

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