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"$"  Sep 10th 1
*.COD file format why I want it  Aug 9th 1
.... and serial port  Jun 6th 1
[3]: VGA Moniters  Sep 12th 1
[OT] - conductive "spray"  Nov 14th 1
[OT] Bleeder resistor.  Nov 7th 1
[OT] Diode polarity (was Correction: 3 pushbuttons  Dec 22th 1
[OT] Electrical contact  Nov 25th 1
[OT] Galvanometers  Dec 28th 1
[OT] IDEA about Microchip vs. Scenix  Nov 16th 1
[OT] IGBT transistors  Nov 11th 1
[OT] Looking For Help about Intel Instruction Set  Dec 31th 1
[OT] Old TV remotes that used ultrasonic?  Oct 7th 1
[OT] PC Power supply  Dec 22th 1 26th 109
[OT] Re: ?: fluid measurement  Sep 27th 1
[OT] RS 232 Help?  Oct 7th 1
[OT] RS232  Sep 8th 1
[OT] SMT soldering  Sep 6th 1
[OT] Telephone system question  Dec 18th 1
[OT] TV Tuning  Nov 19th 1
[OT]help with supply  Sep 13th 1
12C508 @3V oscillator doesn't  Nov 25th 1
12C508 Osc cal value  Dec 29th 1
12c508 WDT wake up problem  Oct 23th 1
12C509 @ 9600  Sep 5th 1
16C73 Memory Partition Problem - PCLATH ?  Nov 20th 1
16C73 Memory Partition Problem ? BCF & BSF ?  Nov 20th 1
16C84 clock speed  Nov 6th 1
16c84 OTP ?  Aug 15th 1
16c84 stack  Aug 28th 1
16C84 vs 16F84  Dec 7th 1
18.99 MHZ clock  Aug 28th 1
2 Pics on one crystal  Nov 12th 1
256 BOUNDARY HICUP -c84  Sep 15th 1
4-to-16 Decoder?  Oct 25th 1
A little trig in the PIC  Oct 21th 1
A problem with a pull-up resistor  Sep 10th 1
A stupid question but...  Oct 30th 1
About how to display binary numbers  Aug 7th 1
Accelerometers (Cheap ones)  Sep 23th 1
Access a External Memory  Oct 9th 1
ADVICE ON PICs  Nov 14th 1 18th 206
Anolog Shift Register[OT]  Dec 14th 1
Another newbie question  Oct 16th 1
another q from the stupid newbie  Oct 9th 1
Another stupid question  Dec 14th 1
anti-theft sticker (OT)  Dec 4th 1
Asm in HITECH C compilator  Dec 7th 1
Audio White Noise  Jul 28th 1
Auto security  Dec 4th 1
backlighting LCD's  Aug 31th 1
Batteries [OT]  Nov 21th 1
BCD-->BIN BIN-->BCD  Oct 17th 1
Bit Banging Beckoning  Aug 27th 1, 3
Bit Number to Bit Mask Question  Sep 17th 1
Capturing IR Remote Codes  Nov 24th 1
Challenge: Reverse 7 bits  Oct 29th 1 30th 46
Character LCD question  Dec 21th 1
Cheap Motor drivers [OT]  Sep 10th 1
Code Examples  Oct 30th 1
Comm Protocol  Oct 16th 1
Compare Interrupt  Nov 16th 1
Compare Mode (16c72)  Oct 7th 1
Compare mode interupt, '72  Oct 29th 1
Complementing Carry  Sep 28th 1 29th 68, 110
Configuration bits trick  Aug 7th 1
Crystal wake up problems  Nov 22th 1
Current Measuring  Jun 12th 1
Data EEPROM on PIC 16F84 - Hi-Tech C  Oct 1st 1
Data Logging  Nov 5th 1
debug using MPLAB ?  Aug 1st 1
Desprotect PIC16C84  Sep 29th 1 30th 30
Detecting PIC in ZIF socket  Nov 5th 1, 5
Distance measurement  Oct 23th 1, 50, 68
Driveway loop  Aug 26th 1
DTMF decoding  Sep 10th 1
Eight-Digit LEDs  Aug 10th 1
esd protection  Dec 16th 1
Floppy Drives and pics  Aug 5th 1
Fluxgate Compass  Jul 6th 1
Four Function Calculator  Oct 17th 1
frying a PIC  Aug 13th 1
Good News not for all NT Users  Oct 23th 1
Hall Sell  Sep 15th 1
Hello and a question  Nov 3rd 1
Help with EE writes in 16C84  Aug 13th 1, 3
HELP!!!  Nov 14th 1
High resolution pulse width measure (was PICLIST D  Jul 3rd 1
Hitachi LCD Supply Voltage  Aug 8th 1
How do I read the 12C509 int osc cal value with my  Oct 14th 1
How to change locations?  Sep 7th 1, 4
Huh? 74HC138 crosstalk?  Oct 28th 1, 9
Hung-up PIC (was WHAT IS THIS?)  Aug 15th 1
I2C clock/calendar  Oct 23th 1
ICE PIC debugging  Oct 24th 1
Interfacing Speech with PIC  Oct 9th 1
Interfacing Speech with PIC (using serial EPROM)  Oct 10th 1
Internal Clock  Dec 3rd 1
Interrupt conflit  Nov 25th 1
interrupts polling GIE ?  Dec 26th 1
JW Erase Time  May 29th 1
KEELOQ  Jun 9th 1
LCD line numbers  Dec 18th 1
LCD trouble  Sep 20th 1 21th 11 24th 126
LDK macro  Nov 5th 1
LED communications  Oct 20th 1
LED DIMMER  Aug 7th 1
MAX232 Problem  Jul 30th 1
mechanically scanned optical keyboard. was: $8 ser  Nov 19th 1
MEL Basic and matrix keypad..  Aug 5th 1
memory terminology  Nov 26th 1
MODnificent (was Pulse Width Measurement)  Jul 2nd 1
more help for beginner (does this subject title de  Oct 30th 1
More ISA bus questions [OT]  Oct 6th 1
More on MIDI  Dec 9th 1
more scope questions  Dec 4th 1
Mosfet (LED drive)  Jul 23th 1 24th 27, 55
Mpasm ('DT" directive)  Aug 6th 1
MPASM syntax for FSR ?  Jul 31th 1
MPLAB - how to define burn file, firmware upgrade  Dec 4th 1
MPLAB import problem  Sep 21th 1
MPLAB include on network drive?  Dec 2nd 1
MPLAB programming directives  Aug 4th 1 5th 61
New PIC technology wish list.  Aug 10th 1
New PIC User  Dec 29th 1 31th 57
Newbie questions (16F84)  Oct 24th 1
Off Topic - Voice Chips  Jul 17th 1
Open-drain output  Dec 31th 1, 6
optical encoders to PIC to LPT port adv  Aug 19th 1
Optocoupled RS-232 (was FPGA/CPLD, Oscilloscope,)  Jun 11th 1
Osc Help!  Sep 29th 1
OSCCAL and UV erase  Aug 28th 1
OT VIDEO SYNC  Sep 18th 1
Page Boundary Crossing Problem  Oct 11th 1
Parallel port interfacing trouble  Oct 7th 1
PIC EEPROM  Nov 7th 1
PIC & EPROM  Sep 30th 1
PIC 16Cxx programming challenge  Jun 10th 1
Pic 84 ect stack management.  Sep 1st 1
PIC Development Tools  Oct 23th 1, 8, 49, 71
Pic display problems  Nov 11th 1
PIC IR/Light Dimmer  Nov 18th 1
PIC power supply ...  Sep 4th 1, 2
PIC Scale -  Aug 25th 1
PIC sync to external video (was Re[2]: VGA Moniter  Sep 12th 1
PIC to modem  Dec 18th 1
PIC17C42  Oct 16th 1
PICSTART PLUS and Win 95  Nov 14th 1, 23
picstart plus hot socket  Jun 10th 1
Picstart programmer for production  Jul 17th 1
PID Temperature Controller  Sep 3rd 1
Pin hi to low change time question  Jun 10th 1
Please help me  Aug 4th 1
Please help me with PCLATH  Sep 25th 1
PORTB interrupt on change etc.  Aug 7th 1
Power calcs with phase control  Sep 6th 1 7th 34
Power OFF  Sep 19th 1 22th 86
Pre-Scaler  May 21th 1
problem with pic outputs  Aug 10th 1
problems writing to EEPROM data area 16C84  Nov 2nd 1
problems, once again..  Nov 21th 1
Program length  Jun 25th 1
Programming Challenge - Celsius to Fahrenheit BCD  Sep 27th 1
Protecting w in ISR  Jul 17th 1, 7, 47
Proximity detector  Jul 6th 1
Pulse Width Measurement  Jun 30th 1
PWM  Jul 14th 1
R/C RF scanner design. Suggestions?  Jul 30th 1 31th 65, 66
RAM lost ?  Dec 26th 1 28th 20
Random Numbers Again  Sep 15th 1
RC Servos [OT]  Oct 27th 1
REAL random noise  Sep 4th 1
Real Time Clock  Jul 30th 1 31th 72
RRF and Port values  Jun 30th 1
RRF and RLF instructions :) puzzle  Nov 5th 1, 33
RRF and RLF instructions")  Nov 5th 1
RS232 and PIC  Dec 11th 1
RS232 Timings  Oct 14th 1
Scorebaord [ot]  Dec 3rd 1
Scoreboard  Dec 3rd 1
Scoreboard [OT]  Dec 1st 1
SCR with PICs  Jul 2nd 1
Self-calibration of WDT/SLEEP intervals  Jun 25th 1
Sensing Low Battery Condition  Oct 14th 1 16th 242
Sensing Low Battery Condition (Thanks!!)  Oct 15th 1
Serial Sonar Unit (SSU) - Noise performance  Dec 2nd 1
Serial Sonar Unit kit proposal - feedback requeste  Nov 11th 1
Serial transmission  Aug 28th 1
serial transmission and receiving.  Nov 2nd 1
Serial, RB0/INT & TMR0  Dec 24th 1, 15 29th 89 31th 147, 148
Simple programmng problem  Jun 3rd 1
Software UART (AN555 and Pic16c71)  Nov 20th 1
spanking new questions about programming  Oct 27th 1
Static control  Sep 24th 1
stupid newbie  Oct 8th 1
sublw opcode & blown up PIC  Nov 20th 1
SWAPF instruction  Jul 14th 1, 19
SWAPF instruction / opcode ideas  Jul 15th 1, 25 16th 59
Switch Mode supply reliability [Was FAQ pointer]  Aug 11th 1
Talking/reading To/From 4 pics serially...  Sep 18th 1
teperature problem with 54A  Jul 27th 1
The mistery of "long calls".  Dec 14th 1
the slightly smarter newbie  Oct 11th 1
TOCK ? TICK  Dec 1st 1
two wire coms  Oct 16th 1
UART problems  Aug 15th 1
Up/Down Scroll Rate  Aug 28th 1
VGA Moniters  Sep 10th 1
Voice Chips  Jul 18th 1
Warning - RS232 on PIC as proposed by Micro-Engine  Oct 6th 1
what are the five dumbest things to check?  Dec 18th 1
What is the best way to sense a pushbutton press??  Oct 17th 1
White LEDs etc.  Nov 25th 1
WWVB to Logic Chips  Oct 20th 1
XORWF and ,f ing  Jul 21th 1 22th 75
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !  Aug 28th 1
zero crossing detector for mains ?  Sep 4th 1

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