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Cut the grass with a stationary laser instead!  Nov 18th 1
Cut the grass with a stationary laser instead! (OT  Nov 18th 1
Datasheet for PIC16F84 wafercard  Aug 22th 1
DAVE HOUCHIN - are you reading this?  Jun 1st 1
detecting modem calls  Aug 22th 1
First deciding on PIC, then asking what it can be  Oct 11th 1
Here: Spec for P&P via serial port (was: RE: Plug  Jun 1st 1
Impossible to connect PIC directly to a monitor (w  Aug 30th 1
Job offer: Write PC PIC-programming software for c  Jun 1st 1
Magnetic card reader.  Aug 19th 1
Modem/FSK frequencies  Jul 30th 1
Need Full Text Patent Site--No PIC :>(  Jul 24th 1
No PIC required to make a super-intelligent home  Nov 24th 1
OFF TOPIC - anti-theft sticker discussion moralism  Dec 3rd 1
Off Topic (Modem to speaker/mic)  Aug 20th 1
OFF TOPIC!!! RE: Reliability thinking and risk ass  Aug 13th 1
Out of topic again - entry systems at subways  Aug 22th 1
phone interface  Feb 3rd 1
PIC pirate cards (was: RE: smartcards)  Feb 26th 1
PIC RF link software..  Jul 22th 1
PIC Scale -  Aug 25th 1
PIC1684 smart card  Aug 20th 1
PICLIST: should it be splitted?  Nov 18th 1
pip02 and pentium II  Jul 27th 1
Reliability thinking and risk assesment  Aug 11th 1
Rev Counter  Feb 19th 1
Robot Lawnmowers  Nov 18th 1
Smart cards  Aug 20th 1
Stop bits  May 31th 1
Telephone modem PIC source code wanted...  Sep 28th 1
Tell about your PIC1684 SMARTCARD projects!  Sep 21th 1
THE PURPOSE WITH A MAILING LIST (was: RE: test pls  Apr 30th 1
Wanted: Source code for COM84 programmer  Feb 9th 1
WHERE TO COMPLAIN: Re: Hot Girls !!!  Aug 7th 1

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