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[OT] Re: CAD electronic software  Aug 28th 1
16c84 stack  Aug 28th 1
2 bytes into unsigned long  Apr 22th 1
2.7Vgs Threshold Logic Level FET's  May 21th 1
3 (or4) serial ports  May 26th 1
4 COM ports  Apr 22th 1
8051 mailing list ??  Jun 25th 1
about wifes (Re: about elektor (not at all PIC top  Apr 29th 1
AN513  May 19th 1 20th 24 21th 77
Automatic shutdown  Jun 30th 1
CAD electronic software  Aug 27th 1
CAN help  May 12th 1
C-compilers for PIC  Jun 11th 1
clock multiplier for switched cap filter ?  Apr 15th 1
code samples (was Re: CCS 'C' Code Help Req')  May 27th 1
compiler wish list  Jun 25th 1
Current to voltage- anyone know of an IC?  Jul 4th 1 5th 22
Dodgy RS232 driver (was Re: FPGA/CPLD, Oscilloscop  Jun 11th 1
Etiquette  Apr 15th 1
For sale  Jul 2nd 1
fw : virus warning !!!!! (GOOD TIMES :-)  May 23th 1
handheld PC-comp. device (off topic)  Aug 7th 1
Help: Can't find BUZ384  May 4th 1
I solved it!! (was Help!! Power on, reset problems  Jul 4th 1 5th 22
In-Circuit Programming  Apr 30th 1
Interfacing to Analog Devices TMP04 temperature se  May 16th 1
io pin state during programming  Jul 15th 1
LED 16C84  Apr 16th 1
LonWorks/Echelon (realtime control)  May 7th 1
low power design question  Apr 27th 1
Low power issues.  Jun 24th 1
low voltage production programmer  May 6th 1
M-bus master  May 16th 1
Modem  May 27th 1
Morality  Aug 27th 1
More Spam Overload  May 27th 1
New challenge: who can qualify?  Jun 25th 1
PIC and MIDI  Aug 8th 1
PIC16C84 & ADC  May 14th 1 16th 97
PicStart command line programmer  Jun 10th 1
picstart plus hot socket  Jun 11th 1
Preserve Favorite Photos  Apr 15th 1
Programming SMT parts  May 2nd 1 5th 87 6th 104
Project Help  May 14th 1 16th 99
Protected Bit in 16C74/JW  Apr 23th 1 24th 17 25th 52
Proximity detector  Jul 4th 1
Quick-and-dirty electronics education  Jun 5th 1
Quoting URLs in postings  May 16th 1
Random number generator  May 16th 1
Re[2]: why not use Microchip's News server? -- Thi  May 16th 1
Read/Write to Data EEEPROM  May 16th 1 17th 14 19th 52
serial port (TTL to RS-232)  Jun 25th 1
Serial ports  Apr 25th 1
Sleep Mode Application  Apr 23th 1
SMT  May 10th 1
Spam extinguisher (Re: The Arts need your support  Apr 22th 1
Unsubscribe  Jun 24th 1
UV Erasers  May 3rd 1 5th 29
Want to Subscribe  May 24th 1
Wanted: PIC programmer, immediately  Aug 15th 1
WDT problem  May 7th 1 12th 133
What design tools to use for PIC projects?  May 10th 1
which 8pin PICs available?  Apr 27th 1
why not use Microchip's News server?  May 16th 1
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !  Aug 27th 1 28th 75, 106

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