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about elektor (not PIC topic)  Apr 29th 1 May 1st 72
C-compiler for the PIC16Cxx  Feb 7th 1 9th 73
CRC & PIC  Feb 25th 1
Help:Microcontrollers with CAN  Jan 20th 1
IR Programable Remote  Jan 7th 1 12th 299, 301
Last year's IC Master?  Mar 27th 1
Need Help with '73/'74 Uart Problem (long)  Jan 16th 1
RC Servo PWM format  Jul 31th 1
Serial bit-banging on a 16C57  Feb 9th 1
serial comms  Jan 20th 1
Serial waitfor with CCS C  Jan 6th 1
The PIC in Scotish Schools  Mar 5th 1
Vote (No for Newsgroup)  Jan 9th 1
WWW Piclist site  Mar 28th 1
WWW Piclist site - messages list problem  Mar 29th 1

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