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16C84 Sinks 2 Amps and Lives  May 24th 1
32KHz Oscillator startup time.  Nov 13th 1
A few Questions About Some Interesting Chips  Dec 29th 1
All sorts of stuff  May 1st 1, 2
Beware E-Mail Infinite Loops  Nov 8th 1
Board construction techniques (was: Yet another LE  Nov 18th 1
caller-id, etc.  Nov 26th 1
Ceramic Resonators  May 1st 1, 14
Cheap ICE  Nov 7th 1
Dongles  May 10th 1
Email virus Information  Nov 28th 1
floating scopes  Nov 4th 1, 7
Fuzzy Logic  Oct 31th 1, 18
I/O Help Needed  Oct 1st 1 3rd 97, 113 4th 134
International RF Transmitters (a correction)  Dec 11th 1
Isolation Methods  Dec 12th 1
Looking for a "Talking Calculator" chip.......  Nov 5th 1
Marketing Tricks (Re: fuzzy logic -Reply )  Nov 1st 1
Mechanically Reading A Digital Display  May 9th 1 10th 28
Microchip discontinue policy (was 12C5XX - which p  Dec 18th 1
ming RF transmitters and receivers  Mar 21th 1
Model RR and DCC  May 1st 1
Need help controlling 12v fan speed with PWM outpu  Nov 6th 1
NEW Bulk Email Program WOW's The INT  Apr 19th 1
PIC Mnemonics  Oct 8th 1
PIC Mnemonics -Reply  Oct 9th 1
PIC Spreadsheet  Nov 26th 1 28th 83
PIC16c84 programming problems  Oct 8th 1
PID control  Apr 10th 1
programming errors  Oct 3rd 1
Re[2]: Mechanically Reading A Digital Display  May 9th 1
Reed relays  Dec 18th 1, 3
Siren sound  Oct 15th 1
Siren sound -Reply  Oct 9th 1
Sync restoration (how) ?  Apr 9th 1
Teaching a Class: Need comparisons to other popula  May 24th 1
WDT? and your EMI horror story  May 23th 1
Windows (Was Re: PIC Spreadsheet )  Nov 28th 1

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