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77 KHz burst (was Re: Surface mount pics)  Nov 1st 1
Answer me please  Aug 16th 1
Async receiver questions (PIC17C4X)  Oct 16th 1
Bresenham Algorithm (was: "Re: PIC Vector Math")  Oct 27th 1
Cheap Chips.  Nov 3rd 1
CRC-16 algorithm  Oct 5th 1
Dead at 10C? [was subject...]  Sep 28th 1
DTMF sample code to LCD  Nov 10th 1
first time programming questions  Aug 16th 1
Hello + Data swap TRICK  May 29th 1
Home Automation using PICs  Dec 16th 1
Indirect Jumps (was: "Re: Parallax Simulator Probl  Sep 24th 1
Microchip - Shift-Registers - Suggestion  May 31th 1 Jun 2nd 2
More Newbie Questions  Oct 29th 1
Newbie Questions  Oct 25th 1 28th 4
Phone line power  Aug 13th 1
PIC 16C64 current source limits  Nov 18th 1
PIC and character generator  Nov 28th 1
PIC16C54-RC/P in remote controller  Oct 2nd 1
PIC16C84 & PortB interrupt  Nov 10th 1 13th 3
PICBUSTER?  Jun 5th 1
PICStart Problems  Jun 14th 1
Power on reset  Aug 24th 1
Programming PICs in-circuit  Dec 20th 1
PWM synch to ac line  Aug 4th 1
random seeds for PICs?  Dec 27th 1
Ready for non-window pics  Aug 22th 1
RTCC Finer Points [was Re: 16C84 Interrupts]  Oct 17th 1
Simple, cheap power supply  Jun 25th 1
Speech for PIC??  Jun 7th 1
SUBWF v.s. DECF  Aug 30th 1
Very High Current Switching/Relay  Jun 19th 1
Video Frame Grabber  Nov 30th 1
Video grabber  Dec 1st 1
was: "Floppy drive speed controller"  Dec 19th 1

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