JAL manual - release notes

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Known problems in the current version (0.4-10)

version 0.4-10 (17-Apr-1999)
First version with Scenix SX support. Eeprom routines corrected. Some HD44780 routines corrected. Small corrections in the manual. For 0 loop (which could loop 256 times) corrected.

version 0.4-01 (10-Mar-1999)
movlw x to get the address of x; bcf y etc. for bit variables

version 0.3-02 (07-Feb-1999)
Bug fixed for (x ^ y). Cio library added.

version 0.3-01 (10-Jan-1999) new features
Better and more libraries. Better code generation. Some simple optimizations. The compiler is faster and uses less stack and heap. The assembler output is compatible with mpasm2. The assembler output contains the command line, compilation statistics and shows the variable allocation. Reasonable documentation (in html).

version 0.2-20 (04-Oct-1998) new features
Available for dos/windows (compiled with djgpp) and for linux-386. Type checking. Unlimited expressions. Support for multiply, divide, remainder and shifts. Volatile variables and parameters. Get and Put routines. Target pragma's. Introduction document with examples. Constants expressions. Libraries reworked.

version 0.1 (22-Jun-1998) summary
First public version. Compiled first with lcc (runs only in DOS box under windows) later also with djgpp. No bit variables. No multiply and divide. Shifts only one position. Inefficient variable allocation. Volatile variables ('register') but no volatile parameters. No documentation, only an example. The only type checking is in the code generator which will (often) panic on illegal constructs.

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