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 * Purpose: Program to demonstrate the 'strncpy' function.
 * Author:  M J Leslie
 * Date:    03-Feb-96

#include <string.h>	/* strcpy */

void SafeCopy(char *Dest, int DestSize, char *Source);

    char Text1[20]="Tracy Sorrell";		/* string buffer	*/
    char Text2[10]="Martin";       		/* string buffer	*/

    printf (" Original string contents are: %s\n", Text2);

    SafeCopy(Text2, sizeof(Text2), Text1);
    printf (" New string contents are: %s\n", Text2);

    strcpy(Text2, "Alex");
    printf (" Final string contents are: %s\n", Text2);



void SafeCopy(
    char     *Dest,                   /* Destination buffer. */
    int       DestSize,
    char     *Source)                 /* Source data. */
    /* ...	Copy 'Source' into 'Dest'.
     * ...        'Dest' is padded with NULLs if 'Source' is smaller.. */
    strncpy(Dest, Source, DestSize);
    /* ...	Safety net! Add the NULL just in case 'Source' is larger
     * ...	than 'Dest'.  */
    Dest[DestSize-1] = '\0';

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