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Ferrite Bead Cell Phone Wired Headset RF Safety

All cell phone users are now required by law in the state of California to use a headset / hands free device. Many people use a headset for driving safety.

Those of us who are concerned about any possible heath issues resulting from the use of wireless gear have avoided the "bluetooth" headsets and opted for a wired headset instead. Unfortunately, it turns out that the wire can pickup the high power RF signals from the cell phone and transmit those directly to your head along with the sounds from your phone call. Studies have shown that using a wired headset can increase your exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 3X.

To reduce that radiation, you can use a Ferrite Bead. A Ferrite Bead is a clip you put on the wire of a headset. The bead is designed to soak up the radiation so you don't.

Lawrie Challis is a physicist and former chair of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme^, a government panel in Britain: "They did tests at the University of York^ and found that under even the worst conditions, if you use a ferrite bead, you can't even measure the radiation coming off the wire. This common device kills the radiation."^

They're inexpensive and available at stores or online but watch out for online rip offs! These little bits of metal and plastic shouldn't cost more than a few dollars. We sell a larger unit (more damping ability) for nearly half the $14 others charge. Our Ferrite Bead fits cables up to 0.21" in diameter (most headset cables are about 0.1" allowing for a double loop of cable inside the Bead) and it just snaps in place. Very easy to install.

Here are some recent articles on the subject:


  1. Open the Ferrite Bead. If it is already closed, you will need to gently pry up on the two little loops to release them from the tabs they hold on to. You can use a fingernail, table knife, or letter opener. Hold the unit with your fingers over the holes on the end and pry away from yourself so you don't stab your hand if it slips.
  2. Starting near the plug where your headset connects to your cell phone, wrap the cord neatly around the Ferrite Bead twice, so that two sections of the cord are inside the Ferrite Bead.
  3. Snug the cord down against the case and check that it fits nicely inside the center hole of the Ferrite Bead
  4. Carefully close the Ferrite Bead, making sure it does not pinch the headset cord and snap it shut.
Congratulations! You are now protected!




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