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        #data           immediate data
                        byte or word data

        *dir            direct page addressing
                        (see .setdp directive)
                        0 <= dir <= 255 

        ,x              register indirect addressing
                        zero offset

        offset,x        register indirect addressing
                        0 <= offset <= 255

        ext             extended addressing

        label           branch label

        aba                     cba
        clc                     cli
        clv                     daa
        des                     dex
        ins                     inx
        nop                     rti
        rts                     sba
        sec                     sei
        sev                     swi
        tab                     tap
        tba                     tpa
        tsx                     txs

        psha                    pshb
        psh a                   psh b
        pula                    pulb
        pul a                   pul b

Branch Instructions 

        bra     label           bhi     label
        bls     label           bcc     label
        bhs     label           bcs     label
        blo     label           bne     label
        beq     label           bvc     label
        bvs     label           bpl     label
        bmi     label           bge     label
        blt     label           bgt     label
        ble     label           bsr     label

Single Operand Instructions 

        asla                    aslb
        asl a                   asl b
        asl     []

        asra                    asrb
        asr a                   asr b
        asr     []

        clra                    clrb
        clr a                   clr b
        clr     []

        coma                    comb
        com a                   com b
        com     []

        deca                    decb
        dec a                   dec b
        dec     []

        inca                    incb
        inc a                   inc b
        inc     []

        lsla                    lslb
        lsl a                   lsl b
        lsl     []

        lsra                    lsrb
        lsr a                   lsr b
        lsr     []

        nega                    negb
        neg a                   neg b
        neg     []

        rola                    rolb
        rol a                   rol b
        rol     []

        rora                    rorb
        ror a                   ror b
        ror     []

        tsta                    tstb
        tst a                   tst b
        tst     []

Double Operand Instructions 

        adca    []              adcb    []
        adc a   []              adc b   []

        adda    []              addb    []
        add a   []              add b   []

        anda    []              andb    []
        and a   []              and b   []

        bita    []              bitb    []
        bit a   []              bit b   []

        cmpa    []              cmpb    []
        cmp a   []              cmp b   []

        eora    []              eorb    []
        eor a   []              eor b   []

        ldaa    []              ldab    []
        lda a   []              lda b   []

        oraa    []              orab    []
        ora a   []              ora b   []

        sbca    []              sbcb    []
        sbc a   []              sbc b   []

        staa    []              stab    []
        sta a   []              sta b   []

        suba    []              subb    []
        sub a   []              sub b   []

Jump and Jump to Subroutine Instructions 

        jmp     []              jsr     []

Long Register Instructions 

        cpx     []
        lds     []              sts     []
        ldx     []              stx     []

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