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Editing and Uploading .dat Files Saved from Monitor
If you get "Config Error" you need to patch Windas

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  1. You may want to configure your Ecs com port and set SG to manual

  2. Before doing anything save your current settings as shown.

    Note:Your monitor may seem to turn off (blank) during saving and loading of register data. This is normal.
  3. Windas has a utility to interpret saved .dat files under help->expert

    You want to click 'Viewer'

    These are the values of the settings of your monitor saved in the .dat file
    You can change ANY of them, as will be shown in the next step
  4. Open up your .dat file with note pad, turn wordwrap on and adjust the size of the notepad window
    Note for WindowsXP users: WindowsXP (and likely Vista) notepad no longer saves entirely in ASCII chars and will encode the content differently when you save. Use a hexeditor, or another editor such as Vim ( Or, you can use the edit command on the command prompt.

    As you can see above, the viewers output is simply your dat file with labels.
  5. Can you find the G2 voltage adjustment? Perhaps you want to lower it.
    Bring it down about 4, then save your .dat file, make gradual adjustments.

  6. With your dat file edited and saved, load your changes back into the
    monitor as shown

    Just click go, then hit ok when it is finished loading.

    Now how does it look? This is only the beginning, I will explain the rest of
    the values in the next howto

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