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Printer Afp AFP-VSE1.TXT

Subj:	VSE Use of AFP Electronic Forms
Date:	97-04-12 02:23:56 EDT
From:	wshaffer@VNET.IBM.COM (bill shaffer Dept:jcj SN:982806 Div:92 Ext)


NOTE: There are no IBM tools to download resources from a phase format
  directly. You may want to consider using ACIF to create data, resource
  and index files that you can download concatenated or individually.

  There are several PC programs available to edit an AFP resource on a
  PC. Programs are available to edit a Font, Character Set, Code Page,
  or an Overlay. These programs will require the resource to be in PC
  file format or VM type 'flat' file format. This program will put a PC
  file into a VSE OBJ format by putting the file into 80 byte OBJ
  records (ESD, TXT, END cards), wrap POWER JECL and VSE JCL around the
  OBJ deck and make it available so you can use PC File Transfer to
  upload the JOB and run it on the VSE Host. The result will be a PSF
  PHASE catalogued into a library.sublibrary.

      The data will come in 4 files:

  1. CL4.ASM - A source PC assembler program which can be customized.
               This file must be downloaded to the PC using BINARY

  2. CL4.EXE - The executable program. This file must be downloaded
               to the PC in BINARY format.

  3. CL4.DEF - This file contains the POWER JECL and VSE JCL skeletons.
               You must EDIT this file and change the defaults to suit
               your environment. You can add JECL or JCL. You must also
               indicate the lib.sublib where you want the PHASE to be
               catalogued. The resource name will be used as the {JOB}

       This file contains the following JECL and JCL:

       * $$ JOB JNM={JOB},DISP=D,CLASS=0
       * $$ LST DISP=H,CLASS=X,DEST=(*,DUBE)
       // JOB {JOB}
       // OPTION CATAL
          PHASE {JOB},S
       {TXT} text delimiter ** do not touch **
       // EXEC LNKEDT
       * $$ EOJ

  Operational considerations:
  - Prerequisite software levels:
       - VSE/ESA     APAR PL77851 in PTF UN06427
       - VSE/SP V4   APAR PL76660 in PTF UL92181
       - VSE/SP V3   APAR PL77268 in PTF UL89813
  - The PC application runs in under 640K


       - After you have edited an AFP resource you run the CL4 program
       against the file to put it into OBJ format.

             CL4 resourcename.type

       - The AFPDS resource will be split into 80 byte records with
       POWER JECL and VSE JCL (from CL4.DEF) placed around the data.
       This data will be UNREADABLE in object form. It will be
       transferred in binary to ensure data integrity.
       - The result is a file called  resourcename.DCK
       - Transmit this file to the mainframe, specifying:

     SEND  resourcename.DCK  (FILE=RDR BINARY NOUC LRECL=80

       - The result is a data stream sent to the POWER RDR Queue
       - By default it has DISP=D  (execute immediately).
       DISP and CLASS POWER JECL parms should be changed to reflect
       your system environment
       - Change the LIBDEF Catalog statement to specify the
       LIBRARY.SUBLIBRARY where the PSF PHASE will be cataloged

  *** CL4.DEf must be customized before you run the CL4 program. Use a
  PC editor or you can upload the file to the VSE host and use ICCF or
  another file editing program to customize CL4.DEF. You can add or
  delete any POWER or JCL statement as long as you do not touch the
  {TXT} statement.

   Method of delivery:

  - These programs will be shipped over the IBM network. Once satisfied
    we will make them generally available.
  - At this point there are no plans to parameterize the most heavily
    used options, as it would further delay the delivery of this
  - It is understood that this material is provided on an "as is"
    basis; all the standard statements associated with this procedure
    are assumed to be appended.

  PRTOVLY ASMSAMP is a sample program to print an overlay without data.


  This program reblocks an AFPDS file into fixed 80-byte
  records for transmission to a PC or AIX system, and
  reblocks a stream file transmitted from a PC or AIX
  system (in binary mode) to VSE as individual variable-
  length records suitable for printing.

  All input data is assumed to be AFPDS structured fields
  with a x'5A' control character appended to the beginning.

  The program is controlled by a parm designating the direction
  of the conversion. To reblock AFPDS for transmission to the
  PC, use PARM='AFP2PC'. The input file will be SYS001, DLBL
  AFPVBIN, a variable-length blocked file. The output will be
  SYS002, DLBL AFPPCOT, a fixed-blocked 80 byte file.

  To reblock for printing on VSE, use PARM='PC2AFP', input file
  SYS003, DLBL AFPPCIN, an 80-byte blocked file, and output file
  SYS004, DLBL AFPVBOT, variable length blocked.

  To print directly to the Power spool, use PARM='PC2PRT',
  input file SYS003, DLBL AFPPCIN, an 80-byte blocked file, and
  output file SYS005, assigned to a Power printer.

  To transfer a reblocked file from VSE to a PC, copy the output
  of this program (AFP2PC, file AFPPCOT) to the POWER spool
  queue, then use ICCF (or another file tranfer program) to
  download from the spool to the PC.

  To transfer a file from the PC to VSE, use ICCF option 386
  with the sendfile command:
      SEND file A:file (BINARY LRECL=80 NOCRLF
  where file is the PC filename and A:file is the terminal
  emulator session and the spool file name.  ICCF option 385
  may be used to then transfer the file to an ICCF library,
  where it can be then saved to a SAM file (use DITTO or


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Subject: VSE Use of AFP Electronic Forms

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