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We admitted we were powerless over the seemingly eternally long list of things to do in our own lives and from our wives and/or husbands.

We wanted to work, and get the work done. We wanted to DO the TO DO's. But we found ourselves sitting in a church, sometimes enjoying what we heard, but coming home guilty, tired, and still looking at the List; longer than ever.

We decided to merge worship with workshop: we workship! Workshiping is a spiritual exercise involving mind, body, and soul. On Sunday mornings, after the wife (or husband) and kids are off to church, we gather to fellowship, hear a good message, and do it while knocking one more item off the list!

In this society rush-rush ratrace of workaholics and eternal seekers of spiritual highs, what higher level of fellowship exist than to bring together souls to workshop on the job and share the pain of getting through each ones Eternal To Do List (ETDL)? Take the time you would use to go to a sit down church and instead get together for a fellowship of cooperative work projects.

Stop Listening and start Doing! And stop Pew Sitting and start Bull shitting with other good, motivated, understanding people!

This is a church for the lazy or the workaholics who want to “Get it done so they have more time for fun. And have fun while getting it all done.”


Though we do not ask or answer the question of a higher power we prescribe that the most potent powers are

  1. The To Do List: The motivation and opportunity for accomplishment that it provides
  2. The groups collective muscle and erruditon. Providing the power to turn the potential of the To Do List into learning and accomplishment.
  3. The relationships we build in this congregation are like a higher power glue that binds resources to make the work happen.
  4. The shared resources, knowledge and spirit of our members and our guest workers, speakers, and entertainment.

No prayer in this church, Just players, as in people who love to work and play. And “Pay-hers and Pay-hims,” and we don’t mean cash. We mean pay your spouses for all that they do for you with your labor, in kind. Pay him too.

Use of drugs and alcohol while workshoping is not recommended while work is in progress. Why involve more variables that we are potentially powerless over?

While our lists might be lengthened by our spouses, we do this work in their honor and because we love and appreciate them. There is no joy in complaint, only in accomplishment.

Before we recieve, we must have faith and give. New members will work at other DOs before being eligible to list and have thier TOs selected for DOing.

Each week, each member gets two votes: One automatically goes to that members own TODO. The other vote is cast for some other members TODO. On Saturday, the jobs with the highest votes are assigned the members needed to complete that job. When there are no more members to assign, the remaining jobs keep thier votes and are moved into first place for the next week. Job assignements are emailed to members. Sunday morning, members show up at thier assigned DO and get them done! The host will provide whatever they have agreed to provide and the work gets done! After the job, hosts are asked to rate the members and members are asked to rate the host. These rateings are displayed with the TODO list on the site and may influence the next vote. Other ways to influence the vote are to: Provide extras, such as food, entertainment, or even cash at your job. Don't worry if you can't provide a lot: Your votes will still accumulate and we will get TO your DO soon enough.

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