GDB Debugger

The other common debug programs on Unix systems are dbx and dbxtool.

Before a program can be processed by the debugger, it must be compiled with the debugger option.

	gcc -ggdb -o pipe pipe.c
The program can then be passed to the debugger with
	gdb pipe
To pass command line parameters to the program use:
	set args -size big
This is equivalent to saying:
	pipe -size big
To single step:
The step command stops execution at the next source statement, if that statement is a function call, gdb will single step into the function.
A simular command is next this will also single step source statements but when a it meets a function call, the function is executed and gdb stops when it reaches a new source statement in the calling function.

step can be abreviated to s
next can be abreviated to n

To set break points:

	break 48	<-- Program will stop BEFORE executing line 48
	break FuncName  <-- Program will stop when entering the function
To display the contents of a variable:
	print ant[0]
To change the value of a variable:
	set ant[0] = 4
	set char = 'z'

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