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Microsoft Outlook

Part of MS Office, an exchange, imap and POP3 Client

Configuring Outlook 2003 to access a remote Exchange server via HTTPS:

This assumes the Exchange server is correctly set up.

If the exchange server doesn't have its own seperate registered domain name, C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts needs an entry for the IP address and domain name of the certificate made by the exchange server because the cert doesn't work for IP only. So even if the domain is blah.local you need that association for the cert to work.

In IE, hit the https web address of the exchange server and verify the certificate works. If it doesn't tell IE to continue to the site despite the cert being bad, and then click on the little warning bar to the right of the address and tell it to install the cert.

Right click the Outlook icon (Outlook must NOT be running), select Properties

Add a profile (any name will do) if one doesn't already exist

email accounts, Add a new... , MS Exchange..., enter the local name for the exchange server and the user name. Enable local copy if this is your computer.

Security tab, check Encrypt Information

Connection tab, LAN, ...using HTTP

Exchange Proxy Settings..., web address of your exchange server. If there is no registered domain, use the domain you entered in the hosts file. Check Mutually authenticate... and enter "msstd:" followed by the same web address

Change the Authentication to Basic.

Open outlook and log in.


Outlook Automation


Form actions can be changed after Tools / Form / Design by Tools / View script and Script / handeler. Then by Script / Object browser. The MAPIItem object contains all the mail fields including ReceivedOnBehalfOfName

VBA macros, etc.. can be signed with a "fake" Digital Certificate generated by a program called SelfCert.exe which is installed as part of Office XP. I found it under Start / Programs / Microsoft Office / Microsoft Office Tools / Digital Certificates for VBA projects. The resulting certificate will not be trusted untill it is installed in the root servers list which is at Internet Options / Content (NOT Security) / Certificates / Trusted Root Certifications Authorities. This is basically telling your computer to trust code you sign.

As of 2002, any thing (anything) that tries to access the following fields will get you a dialog box that asks you to confirm access to this information. This effectivly kills any automation using these items:

The only way to effectively get around this is to use a new API which is only accessable from C# or C++. There is a "wrapper" for this API that allows scripts to access the objects while still providing some security: Outlook Redemption is available at

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